Coming Soon! Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty

28 Weeks Later: Coming Soon

The Trailer for 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to the Nanny Diaries or something like that, is online now.

Anna Nicole may have died by giving herself a common "date-rape" drug, chloral hydrate, to help her sleep. Coupled with a raging fever, the modern Fat-Elvis was unable to wake from her slumber, or something of the sorts.
Hey, the kids worth $300 Million. We're both the fathers! We swear. That's all we care about. Anna wasn't long for this world anyway and her going out like that is about as much as a surprise as Michael Jackson getting caught touching kids. Some things you don't have to be a psychic to predict.

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson exploded in anger last night on a college campus after an expert on Mayan culture accused him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in the movie "Apocalypto." After a little Q&A, one lady kept bugging Mad Max and stated his film was racist in which Mel responded "Lady, Fuck Off!"

Poor Mel. He's having a bad year (or two). He's made remarks against Jews and Women now. We wonder what's next? Crippled children? Mentally handicapped? We should start one of those "death-pool"-like games to guess who he's gonna loose his temper at next. Good money's on a black dude who then ends up beating him up. That'd be cool to see.

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired North American distribution rights to Francis Ford Coppola's "Youth Without Youth," the director's first film since 1997's "The Rainmaker." A late fall release is planned.
Coppola could use a resurgence about now. His talents are being well applied to the wine industry. Seriously, if you like a great red check out his Black Diamond labels. Anyway, the film shot in Romania for 18 months and now looks to be headed toward the big screen.

Dolemite Remake?

Well, it was probably going to happen soon or later. Unfortunately, sooner is here. They have run out of ideas in Hollywood and are turning to blaxploitation flicks again, cuz you know, Shaft was such a good flick.

Next on the hot seat, Dolemite. This kung-fu lovin' pimp is actually a good flick and if it's gonna be done we hope it gets done right. That means get Spike Jonze to direct it. Just our thoughts...

Zack Snyder (300) discusses every geeks wet dream, the movie version of Alan Moore's The Watchmen. If you do not know of that graphic novel that is considered the Citizen Kane, grab a copy before the prices get jacked up like they did for V for Vendetta.

TMNT Screenshots!

The Turtles are coming you way, like it or not. And for everyone like us who grew up with the cartoons, comics, and that shitty Vanilla Ice rap song, the movie's going to bring back a lot of memories. Check out some screen caps!


He's conquered commercials and video games. Now, it's time for the King to head toward the big screen. While we just don't see this thing getting off the ground, the fact that Tim Allen still makes movies proves that anyone can.


No matter how wrong or right an adaptation of an historical event, everything looks better with a killer soundtrack and slo-mo sword fights. But, USA Today pondered the reality of the history of the Spartans in the new Frank Miller adaptation of his graphic novel, '300.' It does beg the question of accuracy. However, we can safely say we're not going to go for the historical facts. The kick-ass fight scenes has us hooked.


Vertigo's Y: The Last Man is gaining steam in Hollywood finally after years of development. The graphic novel was written by Brian K. Vaughn who also joined the writing staff of TV's Lost a few months back to bring it some backbone. 'Y' is the story of the last remaining man on Earth who must help solve the mystery of his existence while avoiding evil women and trying to find the one he loves. We enjoyed the graphic novels and hope this project comes to light.


29 year old Dr. Atsuko Chiba is an attractive but modest Japanese research psychotherapist whose work is on the cutting edge of her field. Her alter-ego is a stunning and fearless 18 year old “dream detective,” code named PAPRIKA, who can enter into people’s dreams and synchronize with their unconscious to help uncover the source of their anxiety or neurosis.

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