News I'd Like To F*&k!!!

News I'd Like To F*&k!!!

Jenna Fischer broke her back

Ouch! Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly on The Office) busted her ass coming out the LA restaurant Buddkan Monday night and broke four bones in her spine. We wish both Jenna and her cute butt a speedy recovery. [ ...more ]

"The Office" is one of our favorite shows and a lot of that is due in part to the odd behavior of Dwight Schrute. When he's not setting up a Flasher Hot line, he's issuing "Schrute Bucks."

Collect 1,000 Schrute Bucks and you'll get 5 minutes extra on lunch. Cash value is 1/1000 cent.

If the Schrute Bucks are not your thing then head for the collectible "Stanley Nickel." The going rate is around 5,000 Stanley Nickels to 1 Schrute Buck or the same ratio as leprechauns to unicorns.

Ever wonder why Fox News and the Fox TV channel are so radically different? Well, Lisa asks the eternal question: "How can Fox News be so conservative when the Fox Network keeps airing raunchy shows? They don't fit together!"

Well, lucky for us we found the answer.

Sneak Peek at Michael Moore's "SiCKO"

JOHN RAMBO First Video Out

Sylvester Stallone is back as Rambo in a bloody way with the simply titled JOHN RAMBO. We're liking this 3.5 min clip of the new movie, slated to open next year, because it doesn't hold back on the punches. The footage we have for you is something that Sly put together to show distributors and folks at Cannes and dropped off to the cool people at "Ain't It Cool News." There's a lot of blood in this clip. There's a decapitation and some poor dude gets the close range business end of a big-ass machine gun. Let's just say there's some blood.

Unlike the new Die Hard sequel which is aiming for a teenie-bopper audience with a PG-13 rating, Stallone looks to be keeping to what a good action film should be. An R-rating. Rambo is an angry killing machine and he doesn't look like old age has slowed him down too much.

We're not sure if this is just a PC thing gone bad or a studio trying to milk an extra buck and drop an action flick in at PG-13. The new Bruce Willis Die Hard flick will be without the famous "Yippee Kai-Yay Mother Fucker!"

While we collectively scratch our heads and wonder why, it must be pointed out that this has not been 100% confirmed. So, let's all hold hands and pray...."No, 20th Century Fox. Don't be wimps and cut out a trademarked line from an action hero we all love."

2.5 million people LESS are watching Network TV. You can blame a lot of reasons for that loss. DVR/TiVo's, Online content, too many channels.

Or, you can blame the dumb ass who came up with such ideas as making the GEICO cavemen a sitcom. How many bad ideas did they pass on to settle with this turd? The sitcom in general is an archaic, formulated idea. But, this is just insulting.

Don't believe us. Check out the clip of ABC's Cavemen.

The First Official Shots from Rambo IV update the earlier post on the renegade pic of John Rambo making sweet gun love to a machine gun.
It's hard to know what to expect from the latest sequel to the sucessful Rambo series. Will it be more macho-gun-shootin'-revenge-type action flick or will Sly Stallone go the more "ROCKY BALBOA" route and give a heart-tugging tale with closure.
Not sure, but it looks like he's sportin' the mullet again so that's cool. Now, when are we getting the remake of "RED DAWN?"


Sylvester Stallone continues his farewell tour with the newest Rambo flick. Simply titled, JOHN RAMBO, Stallone kept in the manner of ROCKY BALBOA and brought back what made him the most money.
While we hold out for a sequel to TANGO & CASH, you can hope over and check out a giant pic of Rambo going nuts on a machine gun.

Taser Makes Him Scream Like A Girl

Plane lands on moving van

Plane lands on moving van

Meet The Transformers


The Transformers are coming to the big screen this summer and the geek in us is freakin' out about the new movie. We can't wait to see if this movie lives up to our expectations. With Michael Bay behind the wheel it's safe to say it's gonna be hit or miss. Will it look like a 2 hour commercial or 'balls-to-the-wall' action flick?


While we'll have to wait 'till July to find out the boys at Yahoo! Movies have released some new pics and short videos to help wet our appetite. We must say we were initially disappointed in Megatron and Starscream. Both look like they are in need for a serious paint job. We have a bad feeling that Starscream won't carry over to the big screen with his cartoon voice, either. That's a shame...





Optimus Prime




Uploaded by DarkUFO

"LOST" is starting to find its storyline again just in time to head into hibernation. The next episode looks to set up a battle with Ben and the others with Jack leading the way.

Ya gotta love Bruce Willis!

In response to a discussion on movie site Ain't It Cool News about Die Hard 4's supposed PG-13 rating, Bruce Willis logged in and joined the chat under the name "Walter B." He went on to frankly address a bunch of topics, not the least of which was his experience making 'Armageddon.'

Of course, no one believe it was actually Bruce on the other end of the keyboard. So, Bruno cleared it up with some visual proof!

Funny Monkey With Tigers Video

Robert Rodriguez* took a hit on the chin with the financial turd that was "The Grindhouse." We're both still a little upset the movie didn't hit with audiences because we love Robert Rodriguez and think it was a cool movie and premise. We guess it just wasn't in the cards.

Well, Robert Rodriguez is in talks with studios over the much talked about "Land of the Lost" (which we think at this rate will not get made within the next 10 years) and a live-action "Jetsons."

What!?! The master of blood-packs doing "Jetsons!?!"

Remember the Spy Kids? It's not totally out of reach and if Robert Rodriguez wants to do it he'll have to kiss up to the Director's Guild of America (DGA). Robert Rodriguez left the DGA in 2004 over being allowed to share directors duties and credits with Frank Miller. Stupid rules prohibit their collaboration for some reason and in protest Rodriguez left. It's rare but not uncommon. George Lucas did the same thing way back when. That kinda worked out for him...

*Robert Rodriguez is a God!

One of our favorite actors, Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) , is in negotiations to play a bad dude in the new Incredible Hulk flick. By now you're wondering why remake that piece of shit? Well, it turns out comic book adaptations for movie can turn a buck (Who knew!?!) and as bad as Ang Lee's adaptation of the The Hulk was (and it was bad!) the studio sees green in another way and want to try to cash in on the franchise. No word if this version will have giant, mutant poodles in it, but God, we hope not!

Begin the overhaul. Or as we say it, the way it should of been done the first time. Roth joins Edward Norton (Fight Club -best movie ever!!!) and Liv Tyler (being Steve Tyler's kid) in the Louis Leterrier-directed drama, which is being financed by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal Pictures on June 13, 2008. That's an interesting cast so far and we're definitely interested in seeing if Louis Leterrier (The Transporter I & II) can pull it off. With Norton and Roth in your corner, it'll be hard to make them look bad.

Spider-man 3 crushed at the box office this weekend and it looks like theaters will have little time to recoup before Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 come marching in. MySpace has exclusive footage from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Who's challenging Jack Sparrow? Find out now!

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