Shrek the Third Hi-Res Pics

The cast and crew of Shrek get ready to roll out the latest installment of the twisted world of Fairy Tales. Pretty much the cast of Saturday Night Live from the last 7 years and Justin Timberlake guest star with all the regulars. Check out this assortment of 30+ Hi-res pics from Shrek the Third.

Shrek the Third Trailer

Mr. T in a tank. Genius. Making fun of girly soccer players is even better. Check out Mr. T telling a diving soccer player to "Get Some Nuts" before tossing him a Snickers.

The sure hit of 2007, Spider-Man 3, hits up the theaters next weekend and you can listen to the soundtrack this weekend online.

MySpace is streaming the entire album for you to sample. Included in the mix are the red hot Snow Patrol chaps along with the Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Wolfmother. Check it out while it's still online at MySpace.

Snow Patrol - Signal Fire - From the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack

The Mythbusters Interview The Ask a Ninja Guy

We'd also just like to take this opportunity to mention how much we love Kari Byron, the redhead from Mythbusters.

Most people have a channel on their cable system they've probably never watched. It's called the "Travel Channel" and it started out kinda like it sounded with tourist shows and forgettable destination programs. But, over the years they've gotten some neat original programming such as "No Reservations" and "Bizarre Foods, with Chef Andrew Zimmern."

Taking a look at one of our favorite shows, "Bizarre Foods," we are introduced to the human garbage disposal of Andrew Zimmern. He's a pale white dude with a bald head and a gut, which makes him stand out in the locales he visits. However, he knows his food. And, he's a good personality with great charisma.

Chef Andrew Zimmern travels the world, eating the most unusual foods he can find. Chef Andrew tastes it all, amidst some of the most picturesque settings in the world. And we mean all! He eats a lot of things people shouldn't be eating. He's also an honored chef and food critic who takes his expertise on the road to not only find and eat the most unusual foods but also to give a quick review of the tastes and smells associated with each dish.

For instance, in the Philippines there is a food which is ducks eggs that are steamed. However, unlike hard boiled eggs, these eggs are fertilized and have an embryo inside, which is just part of the dish. Andrew cracks it open to see a ball of baby duck with small legs and wings before taking a chunk out. His review is good, describing the basic taste as a hard-boiled egg x's 7 in taste with a hint of smokey foul. Mmmmm. Yummy!.

That's one of the mild ones for the show. He's stir fried some bats, eaten beating frogs hearts and turtle soup, baby chickens deep fried, and a variety of grubs and animal parts that would make "Fear Factor" look lame.

If you get a chance check out the episode in Morocco where Andrew takes on the mystery meat. Some kind of animal, a goat we think, is covered in fat and it sits in a large clay pot for 3 days. Then the meat is pulled out and cut up. To sum up it tastes like rotten, fermented meat and looks like it, too. But, our good pal Andrew still takes a few bites with his omelet.

Take a peak at the Asia episode below. Nothing like a little frog heart to start you day! You can catch the show on Mondays at 9 PM on the Travel Channel. Also, check out his home page with more info on all his shows. Also, Andrew Zimmern's Flickr album is online.

Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmern - Asia
Pig balls and live frogs!

Life In Japan

About 3 days of riding around Japan with a bike and a camera.

4 year old child injured at Colorado state football game. Little dude gets tackled in the end zone during a practice game. Ouch!

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix International Trailer

Talk about petty. British Airways has decided to censor Richard Branson, the Billionaire, from the James Bond film, "Casino Royale," and not for sex or violence. BA decided that airline rival Virgin Airway and its owner, Richard Branson, were not suitable for its passengers viewings.

In a scene from "Casino Royale," Branson has a cameo as a passenger in the airport, in the first 1/3 of film, when Bond is chasing a would-be bomber through security. Walking in front of the secret agent is none other than Virgin Air boss Richard Branson. Don't blink, you'll miss it.

However, BA took it one step further and decided to censor the tail wing of a Virgin Air jet taking off in the background as Bond chases down the criminal.

Sony Pictures, the distributor of the summer movie Spider-man 3, premiered the flick early in Japan to help capture the overseas market, a huge chunk of profits, and to help repolish their name brand. Sony has taken some hits with the mildly successful PlayStation 3 and Blu-Ray Hi-Def DVD system.

While the PS3 needs time to grow into its skin, there's no doubt Nintendo kick their ass in the holiday season with the untouchable Wii. You still can't find Wii's here but the retailers are stocked up on the $600 PS3, not a sign you want to see if your Sony. The European release of the PS3 met with mixed reviews with watered down specs for the unit. Add in the Blu-Ray DVD format war with HD-DVD (experts say HD-DVD will win) and you might be second guessing that huge investment for a gaming console.

Back to Spider-man 3. The early reviews from Japan are starting to pour in as the Internet gears up for the release of the film in a couple of weeks in the States. While some reviews see it as a disappointment, others claim you're not gonna be left hanging.

Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit

Financial Advice

This one's for the new batmobile as seen with Christian Bale, not Adam West. How the Batmobile Works shows us in detail how the All-Terrain Batmobile would work in real life. The author goes inside and out to prove to us the illusion of the Batmobile is just a figment of our imagination. With a little $, we could start a Batmobile factory.

Conan - Otter Videos

Conan - Otter Videos

Water Gushes Onto Highway

Water Gushes Onto Highway

Family Guy - All the Star Wars References

Anchorman 300 recut

Anchorman 300 recut

Monday Morning Links...

Time for the Top 10 Chessiest Movie Moments. Ahhh...we love these kind of lists. The most important thing for a movie, in our opinion, is to be able to hold up after 10 years. Granted, we enjoy cheesy 80's movies and kung-fu, but there's just something about Top Gun's aviator sunglasses and "Wingman" quote.

Off the list was our favorite Kung-fu clip (and also the worst) with the Action clip from "Undefeatable", staring Cynthia Rothrock. Awesome!

A Boy and His Python

A young boy rides his new 20' Python pet

The Simpsons Makes Fun of Fox "News"

Video: Indoor Fireworks

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe
[via Attu] Such a good friend to toss a firecracker into the bathroom when this dude was washing up. Good times.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Hope you all get some chocolate bunnies and peeps!

Watch the '300' Online...

Well, here's another site called Show Stash that offers bootleg movies on the Internet. Right now you can grab the '300' in about 6 different parts, but it looks like they are all there. Battlestar Galactica, Simpson's, and a bunch of TV shows, series, and movies. As usual, all this stuff is hosted on other sites like Dailymotion and just gathered and linked by the dude.

So, enjoy. If you missed the season finally of Battlestar or Prison Break now's the time to catch up.

Will It Blend - Videocamera

The ever popular "Will It Blend" takes a look on the inside of the blender as they drop a camera inside. Ever wonder what it looks like from the inside of a Blendtec Total Blender while it's blending? Well, you're about to find out.

It's a little hard to keep up with John McClane in his newest Die Hard film. In the U.S. it seems they are sticking to the title "Live Free or Die Hard" which is just a little too cheesy for us. It is what it is and there's no hiding it's Die Hard 4. Don't get clever. Just call it that. Anyway, internationally it's being called Die Hard 4.0. A little better, but the version number seems a little outdated. That would've been real cool in 1999.

Die Hard 4 new trailer

Anyway, if memory serves us right, the new Die Hard was going to open July 4th weekend, or thereabouts. It's now bumped up to June 29th no doubt due to the huge response of the Transformers which was scheduled for that date, also.

For Die Hard, the first U.S. trailer looked weak but for being a teaser we can accept that. The second, international trailer looked great with such FX as blowing up the U.S. Capital. Now, a third U.S. trailer has popped up, without the Capital blowing up, and looks just a little over the top.

There's now a jet plane with Harrier capabilities to fly around the bridges of N.Y. They should have skipped that and put more buildings blowing up. That's what John McClane's known for. Oh, and yes, that is Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats) at the end of the Die Hard trailer as a hacker.

Transformers trailers and clips

While we're still on the fence about Die Hard 4, there's no doubt that the Transformers keeps looking better and better. The new trailers out show the machines actually transforming. We're sad the sound FX from the cartoon that happened when they transformed is out. Wha-wha-wha. Hard to duplicate in type.

Old School Transformers cartoon

Grindhouse Is 'Delicious'

Full of cameos, violence, and action, the Grindhouse will sneak its 3 Hour + double feature into theaters next week. For a full review of the film, with a few spoilers to warn you, Variety has taken down all the details for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez* flick. Just check out the cast:

Cherry - Rose McGowan

Wray - Freddy Rodriguez

Block - Josh Brolin

Dakota - Marley Shelton

Sheriff Hague - Michael Biehn

JT - Jeff Fahey

Muldoon - Bruce Willis

Abby - Naveen Andrews

Earl McGraw - Michael Parks

Tammy - Stacy Ferguson

Babysitter Twin No. 1 - Electra Avellan

Babysitter Twin No. 2 - Elise Avellan

Stuntman Mike - Kurt Russell

Abernathy - Rosario Dawson

Butterfly - Vanessa Ferlito

Shanna - Jordan Ladd

Pam - Rose McGowan

Jungle Julia - Sydney Poitier Kim - Tracie Thoms

Lee - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Herself - Zoe Bell

Earl McGraw - Michael Parks

Dov - Eli Roth

*Robert Rodriguez is a God

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