Dave and Thomas take this moment out because of the impending GHOST RIDER movie that is sure to bump one of these bad comic book movies off this list.

GHOST RIDER looks so bad that people at theater were laughing during the trailer. One guy put it best: "Not all comics need a movie!"

Anyway, here's a great list from the Pop Syndicate on the 10 Worst Comic Book Movies Ever Made. Good stuff. They really nailed it.


The jungle is the prison. Christian Bale takes a break from Batman to play a Vietnam fighter pilot shot down and taken prisoner. After being held captive for a couple of years, Bale and fellow captive Stephen Zahn struggle to break free in the new action flick RESCUE DAWN based on a true story.

We've actually already done this one, but the official Quicktime link for the new Bruce Willis sequel to Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard, is up with much better quality than the previous YouTube link.

If Nick can solve the mystery of his own death, then he has the chance to 'live' again. But, for now he is INVISIBLE. From the producer of the "Sixth Sense" comes a haunted mystery of one man's search for the answers.

IESB.net has some exclusive pics of the upcoming film adaptation of the cartoon "Underdog."

Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) will provide the voice for Underdog.

Smokin' Aces Movie Review

Keith Demko, our pal at Reel Fanatic, has uploaded his review of the comedy/action film, "Smokin' Aces." We won't spoil too much of the surprise for you, but let's just say that Keith didn't really dig the movie.

North Atlanta is growing!

Just a few personal pics of a trip to IKEA in North Atlanta. It's amazing at the amount of construction and housing that is popping up in the area. It's an area that has seen a recent boom and the IKEA is the biggest sign. This IKEA is F'n huge and has the parking lot built below it, kinda like the College Park, MD IKEA.

Heather Graham, whose cleavage rivals only Salma Hayek, plays a lesbian in new movie Gray Matters. This is a good thing.

The stunning actress is to portray a woman, Gray, who discovers she is gay after falling in love with her brother's girlfriend.

Heather's same-sex love interest, Charlie, will be played by the beautiful Bridget Moynahan, who appeared alongside Will Smith in sci-fi thriller I , Robot.

The 36-year-old blonde star shares a number of passionate scenes with Bridget in the movie but insists she is "comfortable" getting steamy with another woman.
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The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Trailer is now online. It's officially called AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE : COLON MOVIE FILM FOR THEATERS. We think Borat named it.
Enjoy the trailer below.


Blade of Glory isn't just a retro Nintendo game anymore. Will Ferrell and that dude from Napoleon Dynamite (you don't need to know his name, it doesn't matter) team up to take on the world of competitive figure skating.
After getting banned from the singles competition, the 2 rivals find a loop hole to make it to the Olympics as a duo.

Rush Hour 3 Teaser Trailer

Rush Hour 3 Teaser Trailer

1408 - New Movie Trailer

Adapted from the short story by Stephen King, a renowned horror novelist Mike Enslin (John Cusack) believes only in what he can see with his own two eyes. But after a string of bestsellers discrediting paranormal events in the most infamous haunted houses and graveyards around the world, he has no real proof of life - or afterlife.

Enslin's phantom-free run of long and lonely nights, however, is about to change forever when he checks into suite 1408 of the notorious Dolphin Hotel for his latest project, "Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms."

Defying the warnings of the hotel manager (Samuel L. Jackson), the author is the first person in years to stay in the reputedly haunted room. Another bestseller may be imminent, but first he must go from skeptic to true believer - and ultimately survive the night.

If Tom Cruise is the next Jesus Christ, what's that make Katie Holmes. Mary Magdalene? Whatever the case in Xenu Headquarters, the fact remains that Holmes is officially out of The Dark Knight , the Batman sequel.
Her reputation has taken a hit, too. What little there was of it. CAA, the huge agency, is in the works to help resurrect her career, if possible.

Great Movie, bad haircut.

Robert DeNiro is one of the greatest actors of all time. No argument here. But even a post-steroids Barry Bonds strikes out from time to time, and neither is DeNiro immune from the occasional big swing-and-a-miss. We present to you the best and worst work of his long, visionary, and once in a while brain-bendingly bad career.

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In the shadow of 'Star Wars'

One of the best things about ILM's studios is that scattered throughout are posters and props from films the company has worked on.
Here, Darth Vader guards the men's room and enforces the "3 Shakes" rule.

After much speculation on the web, I got some news concerning casting on THE DARK KNIGHT, the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS! We gave the world the first look at the script review for BATMAN BEGINS 3 years ago so it goes without saying that my information is solid concerning this project.
I don't get my information from any publicists, like other people do, those folks get spoon fed and believe me you expect other sites to start calling their peeps at WB to find out if this is true….Like they will ever tell you the truth.

Spoilers for Spider-Man 3

If you cannot wait until May for Spider-Man 3, then this site will hook you up. It's full of spoilers and story of the new movie, so you've been warned!

Sharon Stone and Basic Instinct 2 were top of the flops as organisers of Hollywood's annual Oscars parody - the Razzies - unveiled their nominations for 2006's "worst of the worst."

The critically panned sequel to the 1992 psychological murder mystery received seven Razzie nods, which come one day before the official Oscars nominations are announced in Beverly Hills today.

Basic Instinct 2 received nominations for worst picture, actress, supporting actor, director, sequel, screenplay and Stone's breasts for worst screen couple.

Salma Hayek will topline and produce Spanish-language romantic comedy "La Banda," aiming the project at her Latin American fan base and as a potential crossover vehicle in the United States.

The independently financed project -- centered on Grupero music -- will start shooting in Mexico this summer with Rick Schwartz (co-producer on "The Departed") and Pepe Tamez also producing. Issa Lopez, who just directed her first feature in Mexico for Warner Bros., is writing and directing.

"La Banda" is the first Spanish-language job in Mexico for Hayek since she starred in telenovelas more than a decade ago. A soundtrack album, with Hayek performing, also is planned. With the success of 'UGLY BETTY,' Hayek's hit TV show, Salma can pretty much do anything she wants at the moment.

300 Poster/TV spot

Warner Bros. has stepped in to save the day by providing us with delicious quicktime links to the TV spot for the '300' that aired over the weekend.
If you are like Dave and Thomas, you are already drooling at this adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel. And just for good measure, they've thrown in a brand-spanking new poster. Links for the TV spot are up as well as the new poster.

Five years after apparently closing the dressing room door on his acting career, Connery has confirmed he is considering returning to the silver screen to reprise one of his most popular roles.
The actor says he will read the script for the fourth Indiana Jones movie and, if he likes what he sees, will appear once more as Indiana's father, Dr Henry Jones.

Connery remains one of the world's most celebrated and bankable movie stars and getting him back in front of the camera for Indiana Jones would be a massive coup for producer George Lucas.

Mummy 3 Spoilers Unwrapped

Al Gough, who is co-writing the third installment in the Mummy film franchise with partner Miles Millar, told SCI FI Wire that the sequel will unwrap a new mummy and feature a character who is the grown son of Rick and Evie (played in the previous films by Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz).
It's aiming to shoot this summer under director Rob Cohen (Stealth) for a 2008 release. Dave and Thomas hope the spoilers include Rachel Weisz coming out and saying how much she loves our site. We know she's madly in love with us. We can just feel it...

This summers biggest movie, Spider-man 3, gets a boost of publicity on the Internet this week. Sony Pictures has loaded up the Spider-man 3 site with new pictures, desktop wallpapers, and video blogs. Dave and Thomas also found this cool behind the scenes video, along with the trailer, for those needing to get a quick fix!

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