Big budget series and cable TV stations usually don't mix. But hand it to the producers of 'Battlestar Galactica' for getting a lot of miles out of their remake of the sci-fi classic. Reports from the producers angle to next season being the last and that's probably a wise decision.

The good part of this is that they can go out on a high note. Ratings have dropped but the show is still popular. If they leave next season, which won't start till 2008, then they have a chance for fans who have left the show to get caught up and allow for a huge promo push to make their last season their best and most popular. The problem with a lot of Sci-fi based shows is that after they get popular they seem to hang on too long and turn to crap. You know the ones. We're proud of the series and what it has done and we look forward to the DVD sets and possible spin off in the future. [ ... more ]

Update: Sci Fi Channel has confirmed the end of the series as of today so it's official.

To help celebrate the show, here's some of Tricia Helfer's Playboy spread.


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