The biggest surprise of the latest console wars has been the addition of Nintendo into the realm of competitors. The Wii has outstanding sales and demand which is something Nintendo has not seen in almost a decade.

With the PS3 struggling and many game makers having difficult dealing with or affording to developing games for SONY the guys at Nintendo decided it was time for them to start opening up their system to 3rd party and developing game manufacturers.

It's not hard to created a budget between $5-15 million for making a game for the PS3. Nintendo sells the financial aspect of the business to developers in that for one game on the PS3 they can work 5-6 titles from Nintendo.

The XBox, plagued with hardware problems, and the Wii both have outsold the PS3 by millions of units in the U.S. The two biggest problems with the PS3 have been its price, at around $600, and its lack of original games. [ ...more ]


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